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In the wellness center you will find the products you need to have a healthier, alternatives for all your personal needs. The center sells and uses all natural biodegradable products to help care for our environment.

The Vitality Total value pack will change your life in 90 days. You will find you have more energy and the endurance you need to get through your day. This is the ultimate multivitamin designed to give you minerals your body needs.


Our Access exercise bars turn your fat into fuel and help you increase your muscle tone as you get leaner. Our Sustain sport is a performace drink that contains electrolytes to help you rebound and recover after an intense workout.  We also offer Attain nutrition bars and shakes which are shown to curb cravings and give you nutrients your body needs.

Healthy products for your diet

Our cleaning supplies used exclusively in our office are all natural, work really well and are highly concentrated. They are made in the USA from safe cleaning ingredients and most are biodegradable. You will feel better about cleaning without abrasive harsh chemicals, and still be able to keep it naturally clean.


Check out the other services we can offer you like our foot care for the whole family.


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Natural cleaning supplies

The wellness center helps you be a good steward to our planet with safer products for our environment. There are all purpose cleaners, nutrition bars, and supplements.

Safe and healthier products for your home

Healthier living with Dr. Tom's wellness center

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Karen Sulivan

Nutritionist on Staff



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